Performing at Orchestra Hall, I run into Doc Severinsen...

By scott
July 22, 2008 - 5:12pm.

I had the opportunity to perform at the beautiful Orchestra Hall, in downtown Minneapolis for their 24 Hours of Music Event. I have played this event before, playing outside in Peavey Plaza on the main stage with Best Kept Secret. This time it was a more intimate affair, inside performing with Will Hale for “kids of all ages”.
As I finished bringing in my gear, I hear the familiar “pppfft” of a trumpet player getting his chops together. Imagine my surprise when I looked and it was none other than Doc Severinsen of Johhny Carson’s Tonight show. We exchanged a few words and I found out he was playing 2 shows there with a band he brought up from Mexico, where he has moved in his “retirement”. Always a pleasant surprise to meet someone you’ve listened to many times over the years.
So… How do you get to Orchestra Hall? Practice, son, practice…

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