Opening For Spyro Gyra (Playing Solo Guitar)

Over 25 years after I first played some Spyro Gyra tunes in a band, I had the chance to open a show for them at Rossi’s Blue Star Room in Minneapolis. I was not with a band, though…I did it as a solo guitarist! Life’s journey is an interesting one, filled with surprises. I enjoyed their show, I hope they enjoyed mine…


A Brush With Greatness

Friday, November 9th, I had a duo gig with vocalist Joy Divine in downtown Saint Paul at The St Paul Hotel. It is a very nice hotel, near The Ordway Theater and other attractions. I arrived early and was setting up as several people with instruments walked past me headed to play a concert. Some of them acknowledged me, and others did not. One who did, looked vaguely familiar, but I wasn’t sure enough to think much of it. Joy and I started our set and although things were going fine, I glanced up and noticed we had lost 90% of our audience. Obviously, there was something big going on somewhere that everyone rushed off to.

Between the people that stayed, some friends and family of Joy’s and my brother and his wife, there was still a nice crowd to play for. Songs flowed nicely and we were received well. We played for a couple hours, and were enjoying ourselves.

At this point in the evening the lounge filled up again as the people that had left earlier, returned. We were warmed up by this point and the extra crowd was helping us “give that little bit extra”. I looked up from my “trance” (people who know me, know I can get pretty lost in the music…) and I noticed the musician who had walked by earlier. He beamed at me and waved slightly. He was obviously enjoying the music. I smiled back and nodded as he carried his instrument past me and got on the elevator.

Tonight I played at the St Paul Hotel again, and found out why there was such a big crowd the night before. “Hey, Didn’t you know Yo-Yo Ma was playing at the Ordway last night”.

So there you have it…One of the world’s greatest cello players still gets a smile on his face when he hears and sees someone playing their heart’s out. I am proud to say that Joy and I brought a smile to his face.
Thank You Yo-Yo Ma, someday I hope to hear you play in person. I know I’ll be smiling…

Summer is Here! Scott Dercks Trio is featured on the Cover of "Duet" the Musician's Union Magazine

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful summer weather here in Minnesota. The world is Alive with the sounds and smells of the bounty of the season. Get out and Enjoy It!

The Scott Dercks Trio played at the Twin Cities Musician’s Union Party and are featured on the front cover of the Duet magazine. Thanks to all for a good time. It is always a pleasure to play for a large group of your peers and a truly educated audience.

Thanks to Bruce Heine (bass) and Bill Paul (drums) and to all the fine musicians that sat in.

PS I played for Nick Mancini’s wake at Mancini’s in St Paul recently. The large showing from the community shows what a loved fellow he was…

Until next time….


Gracias Amigos for a GREAT TIME in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

My trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico was a great success. I played 3 nights at Cuates y Cuetes, a nice cafe on the beach. One night with a couple from Brazil, doing primarily brazilian/latin music. One night with my friends, Steve and Lisa York, “The Celebrators”, (formerly of the Twin Cities, now residents of PV) doing a mixture of American rock, jazz and blues and a touch of bossa nova. And on my final night in PV there was a going away party and jam session for me with many of the best players in Puerto Vallarta, playing some serious jazz…I feel honored that so many of the friends I have made there came out to listen, play and celebrate life and music!

I also played 4 nights at a very nice restaurant, called The River Cafe, with my good friends Willow and Beverly Brizio. Classic Jazz standards was the order of the day there.

The overwhelming response I got wherever I played was good for my soul.

I want to say a special “Thank You” to Willow, who besides being a fabulous guitarist is also an incredibly generous spirit who provided inspiring back up without any ego. A true musician and great human being. Thanks my friend and musical brother!

If you are ever in Puerto Vallarta, stop by The River Cafe to hear a world class guitar/vocal duo and have a romantic dinner with some delicious food. Or if you like it a bit more casual (and less expensive) give Cuates y Cuetes a try. They both support great music and deserve YOUR support as well.


Happy Holidays!!

I wish each and every one of you the very best, now and throughout the new year. May the new year bring you peace, love, happiness and wisdom. And I do hope that you share those gifts with others as well.

I had a great trip to Santa Fe, NM with my mom. (A road trip!!) Hiking in the mountains helped me get a bit closer to “center”. I hiked down a mountain gorge to the Rio Grande and picked some incredible sage, that I bundled. I gave one of the bundles to my friend, Jacci, who lost her father recently. I am sure she will put it’s powers to good use.

Some recent gig highlights included The Dakota with BKS and a hootenany with Jim Walsh (musician and music critic for the City Pages) and Grammy winning, Dan Wilson (of Semi Sonic etc). A hoot indeed.

I will be playing a jazz gig at Rossi’s Blue Star Room tonight with Cynthia (Funky Town) Johnson, and some other friends. Hope at least some of you might be there…

Once again, Happy Holidays and PEACE, Love and Happiness


Say A Prayer For Henry Allen and His Son Cameron

Very recently and totally unexpectedly, Henry Allen’s son, Cameron, was diagnosed with a brain tumor, requiring surgery. Because he wants to spend as much time with his son as possible, Henry will be absent from a few of the upcoming Jitter’s (Artist’s Cocktail) and Wilde Roast Cafe (The Salon) gigs. Please join me in wishing Cameron a swift and total recovery. And we can all look forward to the chance to welcome Henry back to the 2 shows he created for the Minneapolis arts community.

In the grand tradition of “The show must go on…” I will be hosting these events until Henry’s return. Please stop on out and help support these events, so when Henry returns they are bigger and better than ever.


Rich Little Show...

I just backed up Rich Little, the world famous comedian and impersonator, at several casino shows recently. He was a class act, and as good as ever. It is always a pleasure doing shows with talented people without serious attitudes, and where you are treated well. As things went very nicely for all involved, so I’m hoping to do some more shows like this in the future.


Summer Of '06

This has been a great summer, as far as work goes. Plenty of gigs in a wide variety of settings and styles. I would like to thank all the bands I played with and the many wonderful people I played for, for making this one of my best summers yet. Of course all the work seriously cut into my outdoors/fishing time, but you can’t have everything.
Thanks To All!


Two Guys and a Dog Named "Hank"

Hello All, It’s been a while. I hope everyone is safe, healthy and happy. The big news of late is my dog, Hank’s, leap to stardom. It was a beautiful day Oct 18 so I called a friend (Gary DeHaven) and Hank and I went over to Lake Harriett to play some guitar. As the sun was setting Channel 4 news came by and asked to tape us playing for a clip that would air right before the weather. They taped us for at least 10 minutes and then got our names and other info. I explained I played for a living and even gave him a business card and my website. That night on the news, after a big build up, we were announced as “2 guys and a dog named Hank”! He must have loved the sound of it, because he said it a number of times. Needless to say our names were never mentioned, but Hank…Well, I always knew he was a Star!

Cross Lake Town Square Event A Good Time For All!

My solo guitar and vocal performance in Cross Lake was a great time. A very nice turn out, with people of all ages enjoying the beautiful weather, beautiful park and appreciating the music.

I stayed around on Sunday to do some fishing and exploring with my dog, Hank. Caught (and released) a couple small ones on the Mississippi River and a local lake. The real fishing news…I caught a huge walleye (pushing 30” and FAT) in a small river, not far from Minneapolis from my canoe. Once again with my trusted fishing buddy, Hank. He can verify this for you. I released it. It was the only bite I had all day (not counting the deer flies…)