Scott prides himself on having the best gear available. And the right “tool” for the job.
If someone asks “Do you really need that many guitars?”, my response is, “Does a carpenter have only one hammer?”.
Or another analogy: I love the “colors” that my instruments allow me to “paint” my music with. The variety, and shades make for great images.

With that said here is a partial list of gear currently being used:


  • ‘72 Fender Stratocaster (Bought New!)
  • Sadowsky HSH “Strat”
  • Sadowsky Jim Hall Archtop
  • Gibson Pat Martino
  • Ibanez George Benson GB-10
  • Ibanez George Benson GB-200
  • Ibanez Pat Metheny PM-20
  • Ibanez John Scofield
  • Carvin SH575 acoustic/electric/synth access archtop
  • Yamaha AEX1500 acoustic/electric archtop
  • Godin ACS nylon string w/synth access
  • Guild D-40 Acoustic (steel string)
  • Guild MK-4 acoustic (nylon string)
  • Petros cut-away classical


  • early 70’s Fender Precision
  • Custom made fretless “Horse” bass. (Please look at the “My Gear” photo album for a look!)


  • Epiphone 5 string Banjo
  • Percussion Instruments including cuica, afuche cabasa, rain sticks, cow bells, ago go bells, shakers, wood block, talking drum, clay drum, roto toms, wind chimes, vibraslap, kalimba etc


  • ‘65 Fender Twin Reverb (the Real Deal!)
  • Mesa Boogie MK IIB (bought new)
  • Mesa Boogie MK III
  • Acoustic Image Clarus 2R
  • Yamaha T50C (designed by Soldano)
  • 3-Crate Limo(s) (battery powered amp)
  • Sunn Solos II (bought new in’72)
  • early 60’s Fender Bassman head
  • Alesis Roadfire 15 battery powered amp
  • 3-Mesa Boogie extension cabs w/EVs (open and closed backs)


  • Ross Compressor
  • Ibanes Tube Screamer TS9
  • Vox King Wah (2)
  • TC Electronics Chorus Pedal
  • Fulltone Fulldrive 2-Mosfet
  • Hermidia Audio Zendrive (2)
  • Hermidia Audio Mosferatu
  • Boss RC-20XL Loop Station
  • Boss BD2 “Blues Driver” Pedals (3)
  • Boss OD1 Overdrive Pedal
  • Boss CE2 Chorus Pedal
  • Boss OC2 Octave Pedal
  • Boss DD3 Delay Pedal
  • Boss GE7 Equalizer
  • Boss RV3 Reverb/Delay Pedal
  • Boss CS2 Compression Sustainer
  • Boss SD1 Distortion Pedal
  • Roland GR30 Guitar Synth
  • Whirlwind A/B Box
  • Aphex “Aural Exciter” direct box


  • Yamaha 16 channel Board
  • Mackie 1202VLZ Mixer
  • 2-Yamaha Powered Mixers
  • Bose 802’s (pair)w/stands
  • Yamaha 15”/horn (pair)
  • JBL Eon Powered Subs
  • Bose power amp
  • Peavy Moniter Amp
  • Yamaha “hot spot” monitor
  • Audio Centron monitor
  • Peavy monitor
  • Mics by Audix, AKG, Shure, Audio Technica


  • Tascam 32/8 Mixer
  • 4 Alesis ADATs
  • 2 Yamaha SPX-90s
  • Alesis Midiverb4
  • Yamaha Rev500
  • 3 Alesis Quadraverb Plus
  • 2 Alesis 3630s (compressors)
  • 2 Alesis Wedge Reverbs
  • AKG 414
  • AKG C3000