Hello All, My love for music knows no bounds. If it is “good” I like it and want to play it. Jazz, blues, rock, Funk, R+B, reggae, Latin, African etc. There are great things to be found in the music of all peoples. This is a lesson that should apply to all of life…We are all different, we are all the same. So I have added some clips to let you hear some of the different things I love to do. I hope you enjoy at least some of them. The solo guitar pieces I’ve put up are my arrangements and were done one evening at my friend John’s Hartzheim’s house. Pretty much one take on all the tunes. I played them on my Ibanez John Scofield, which I had just bought. Was still getting used to it…I plan on changing these clips, now and then, so please stop back for a listen…

Thanks Much for your interest,

Scott Dercks

Scott’s “A Child Is Born”


Scott’s “Amazing Grace”


Scott’s “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight”


This is a solo from a Christian Rock CD I played on, by the group “Soulwise”


Something different…Some Big Band Style Comping with The BBR (Big Band Reunion) from the CD “One For Jeanine”


One more snippet from the BBR CD. This time with a more modern jazz solo over a funky vamp


I co-wrote this song with Todd Burrell and Kathleen Johnson for the group Best Kept Secret. A Latin groove…Horns are courtesy of “The Horn Headz” This track was produced by “Kirky J” who has worked with Prince for years.


Another solo with the BBR. This is an arrangement of “My Funny Valentine”


A solo clip from the Soulwise CD. A melodic rock thing…


An excerpt from Maria Maria from a Santana Tribute CD I played on. A taste of some nylon (classical) guitar


A jazzy/rock excursion over Santana’s “She’s Not There” This is the intro statement…


This is the solo from “She’s Not There”


I was pleased with how the “vibe” of this seemed to capture some of Santana’s tone and soul. At least “A Little Bit of This”


This is an original tune. It is played here as a ballad, though originally it was meant to be played at a medium tempo. It was done “live” in the studio with the group “Starting Point”. I hope you enjoy it.


The Nearness Of You (Guitar and Female Vocals, Jazz Duet)


Solo Guitar Arrangement Of Somewhere Over The Rainbow


Solo Guitar/Manha Da Carnaval aka Black Orpheus aka A Day In The Life Of a Fool


A Solo Guitar Beatles Medley (Norwegian Wood/With A Little Help From My Friends)


Solo Guitar: Cindy Lauper’s Time After Time


Cheek To Cheek: A Guitar/Vocal Duet with Joy Devine